#ProjectSB3 - This project is an expression of my personal opinion on AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING and this macabre bunny (made completely out of fondant) is my own visual representation of it. It was a calculated risk taking one of the most popular cartoon character and butchering it to get my message across.

WARNING: please note that photos get more gruesome and macabre as you scroll down.

It can’t be fun being held in captivity and not understanding what’s happening to you, what’s being fed to you, what’s being injected into you or why you’re being cut opened etc etc. Animals do not have a voice, in fact, most of the time they don’t even have a choice.

When we buy products from companies that perform tests on animals, we are condoning to them subjecting innocent animals to horror and torture. But by using our consumer power to make ethical and compassionate purchases, we can show our opposition to animal testing.

BREAKDOWN: the cage I’ve made represents the box your product comes in whilst the use of flowers and fairy lights represent the fancy packaging and advertising... but inside, is a product that had subjected animals to horror and torture. I hope that makes sense.