#Cake International London 2019 - For someone who has never been trained or been on any cake related course before, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be taking part in UK’s biggest cake event. It was a journey I had to make and I’m glad I did.

People often say that it’s the taking part that matters but that wasn’t in my case. I wanted more than that, I wanted to come back from it with something to show for, not wanting to disappoint my partner, my family, my friends, you lovely lot and obviously myself.

I am a self taught baker, everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned through the internet, magazines and most importantly, my baker friends who have very unselfishly shared their experiences and knowledge with me. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve bombarded them with silly stupid questions... and they’ve never put me down for doing so. Instead they helped, coached and encouraged me. I am so indebted to them.

I’d like to thank everyone for cheering, supporting and encouraging me on this journey but most importantly for believing in me when I doubted myself.

ps: I am now officially an Award Winning Cake Artist... yay me.